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singing in the rain
Mon, Apr. 23rd, 2012 10:57 pm

My contribution to world books day:

(...)Pfui über die (nur vorgebliche) Schamhaftigkeit eines entkräfteten Zeitalters, das unter dem Mantel seiner Heuchelei nur zu oft Neurosen und Gift züchtet! Und ein Pfui auch über die Puristen der Sprache: Ich bin ein Kelte.
(...) Ich bin vor keinem Kraftausdruck zurückgeschreckt, vorausgesetzt, er war saftig und bildhaft, vor keiner derben Geste, vorausgesetzt, sie war deutlich und treffend.

Louis Pergaud - Der Krieg der Knöpfe (1912)


Tue, Feb. 1st, 2011 11:32 pm
Hey there,

yeah, long time no see. But again: Even if I don't post, I read all of your entries, folks.
My life was ... eventful to say the least. New job: as a teacher in a private school. New drama: the private school is bankrupt. New family drama: don't ask. My grandpa is kinda ok, still not able to walk properly, but that is no surprise.

BUT another thing kinda happened (and with kinda happened I mean there was hard work and some nervous breakdowns involved) which some of you might be interested in. So let's do a little promo, shall we.

STEVE CARLSON will be playing in Berlin on April 20th.

If you know the "Kane family" or are somehow involved in Supernatural fandom you probably know him.
If you don't know him, you should come nevertheless. He's an awesome musician with a music style somewhere between Blues, Pop and Rock.

You can order tickets at www.stevecarlson-berlin.com .

Be aware that you can buy two kinds of tickets. The regular ticket is a ticket for the gig, while the combined ticket is for the gig and a Q&A right before that. If you want that, don't be shy and order ASAP, because there are only a few tickets left for that one.